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please God and cultivate man in such a way as to help him to obey the Law of the
Creator and be a faithful vicegerent of the Lord. To achieve this end, it deals with all
aspects of life; its purpose is to develop in man a clear mind, a pure spirit, a live
conscience, a healthy body and responsive feelings. A person with these qualities
cannot fail to obey God and adopt the most sound course of life. So the objectives of
the Islamic ideology are far from being simply human or temporal
The Islamic ideology has all the elements and forces that make it comprehensive and
practicable, moderate and flexible. Its Divine origin reveals only the fundamental and
inviolable principles, leaving a due scope for the human intelligence to work out
details and make the necessary adaptation. In whatever way one looks at it, one can
see that the Islamic ideology is composed of comprehensive, practicable and
resourceful principles. They are comprehensive because they deal with all the major
aspects of life; practicable because they have been put into practice and translated into
reality at one time or another; moderate because they do not favor the individual
capitalist or the proletariat; they are not exclusively concerned with the mundane or
with the spiritual; they are confined neither to this world nor to the Future life. They
mark a middle way between all extremes and are a guide to a moderate and stable life.
Apart from these established principles, there is a great deal of flexibility for working
out details suitable to various regions and ages. This flexibility is a matter of fact, a
necessity, because the ideology is the work of God and in it, as in all of His work,
there is a wide scope for the human mind and human trial.