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This chapter is designed to deal with certain aspects of Islam which have been
forgotten by some Muslims and distorted by practically all others. An effort will be
made here to present these aspects in their true light and clear picture. In so doing,
there is no attempt to be apologetic, for Islam needs no apology. Nor is there any
intention to appease, condemn, or flatter anybody, because Islam does not tolerate
such things but commands a straightforward course of thought as well as deed. The
purpose, therefore, is to find out the truth about these aspects, present it afresh to the
non-Muslin mind, and let everybody see and decide for himself, like intelligent,
responsible rational beings,
Muslims living in the Western World or familiar with the Western literature are often
confronted with surprising inquiries and shocking remarks made by some Westerners.
Questions of the “ Holy War” , the “ Anti-Jesus Islam” , “ Polygamy” , “ Divorce” ,
” Status of Women in Islam” , and so on, are the most frequent ones. And it is in the
service of truth, and for the sake of the honest people among those innocent and
misinformed inquirers, that the attempt is made to examine these questions briefly.
The Holy War ( Jihad )
Was Islam spread at the point of sword? Was the Muslim emblem “ The Qur’ an or the
sword?” Were the Muslims imperialist and after mundane power or loot ? Some
people like to think about that in affirmative terms; some others in the negative, and
some are undecided, perplexed and reluctant. But where does the Qur’ an stand? What
does the history of Muhammad reveal in this connection? It is certainly imperative on
every honest person who has respect for truth and human dignity to find out for
himself, and to reveal his findings to others
The Qur’ an makes it clear that, whether we want it or not, war is a necessity of
existence, a fact of life, so long as there exist in the world injustice, oppression,
capricious ambitions, and arbitrary claims. This may sound strange. But is it not a
matter of historical record that humanity – from the early dawn of history up till now
– has suffered from local, civil and global wars? And is it not also a fact that, more
often than not, victorious allies settle their disputes over their gains and the status of
their defeated enemies through wars and threats of war? Even today humanity lives
under constant fear and buzzes of war over many hot spots in the world. Could God
overlook these facts of life? Or could the Qur’ an fail to deal with the matter in a
realistic and effective manner? Certainly not! And that is why Islam has recognized
war as a lawful and justifiable course for self- defense and restoration of justice,
freedom and peace. The Qur’ an says:
Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a
thing, which is good for you, and that you love a thing, which is bad for you. God
knows, and you know not (2:216)
And did not God check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed
by full of mischief: But God is Full of bounty to all the worlds (2:251). And did not
God check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been