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God is High and Supreme, but He is very near to the pious thoughtful people; He
answers their prayers and helps them. He loves the people who love Him and forgives
their sins. He gives them peace and happiness, knowledge and success, life and
protection, He welcomes all those who want to be at peace with Him and never rejects
any of them. He teaches man to be good, to do the right and keep away from the
wrong. Because He is so Good and Loving, He recommends and accepts only the
good right things. The door of His mercy is always open to any who sincerely seek
His support and protection (Qur’ an, 2:186; 50:16).
The Love of God for His creatures is immense and beyond human imagination. We
cannot measure or count His favors. He creates us and takes good care of us, not only
from the time of our birth onward, but even long before that. He makes us in the best
form of creation and gives us all the senses and faculties that we need for our growth.
He helps us when we cannot help ourselves, and provides for us and for our
dependents. He creates in man the mind to understand, the soul and conscience to be
good and righteous, the feelings and sentiments to kind and humane.
By His mercy we gain true knowledge and see the real light. Because He is Merciful
He creates us in the most beautiful shape and provides us with the sun and the moon,
the land and sea, the earth and the skies, the plants and the animals. He is the Creator
of all these things and many others for our benefit and use. He makes things that are
of service to us in this life, and gives man dignity and intelligence, honor and respect,
because man is the best of all created things and is God’ s viceroy on earth. The mercy
of God gives us hope and peace, courage and confidence. It enables us to remedy our
griefs and sorrows, to overcome our difficulties and obtain success and happiness.
Indeed, the mercy of God relieves the distressed, cheers the afflicted, consoles the
sick, strengthens the desperate, and comforts the needy. In short, the mercy of God is
active everywhere all the time in every aspect of our lives. Some people may fail to
recognize it only because they take it for granted. But it is real and we can feel it with
our hearts and appreciate it with our minds.
The Loving Merciful God never forgets us or lets us down or ignores our sincere calls
upon Him. By His Mercy and Love He has shown us the Right Way and sent to us
messengers and teachers, books and revelations – all are meant for our help and
guidance. The Last Messenger from God is Muhammad, and the most genuine
existing book of God is the Qur’ an. From the traditions of Muhammad and the
teaching of the Qur’ an, we learn about the Forgiving God. If a person commits a sin
or does something wrong, then he is violating the Law of God, committing a grave
offense against God and abusing his own dignity and existence. But if he is sincere
and wishes to repent, regrets his wrong deeds and wants to turn to God, faithfully
seeks pardon from God and honestly approaches Him, then God will certainly accept
him and forgive him. Even those who reject God or His Oneness are assured of
forgiveness, should they realize their erroneous attitude and resolve to come back to
God. In this connection the Qur’ an says:
God forgives not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgives anything
else, to whom He pleases; to set up partners with God is to devise a sin most heinous
indeed (Qur’ an, 4:48, 116).