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One last remark relates to the question of sacrifice and what it actually symbolizes. As
already stated in the discussion of the ‘Eeds, it is not the meat or blood that pleases
God. It is the expression of thankfulness to Him, the affirmation of faith in Him, that
historic event when Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) was ordered to offer his son in
sacrifice, an order which the father and son were ready to obey unquestioningly. But
the son’ s life was spared and ransomed by a ram. The offering of sacrifice has become
an annual celebration to commemorate the occasion and thank God for His favors.
Final Remarks Concerning The Application of Faith
We remind the readers again that there are minor differences of interpretation between
the various schools of law regarding few details in the exercise of prayers, fasting,
alms & pilgrimage. However, following any of the authentics schools is acceptable