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The First Envoy of Islam

This man among the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), how good it is for us to start

with him. He was the flower of the Quraish, the most handsome and youthful! Historians and narrators

describe him as "The most charming of the Makkans".

He was born and brought up in wealth, and he grew up with its luxuries. Perhaps there was no boy

in Makkah who was pampered by his parents like Mus`ab lbn `Umair. This mirthful youth, caressed and

pampered, the talk of the ladies of Makkah, the jewel of its clubs and assemblies: is it possible for him to

be one of the legends of faith?

By Allah, how interesting a tale, the story of Mus`ab Ibn `Umair or Mus`ab the Good, as he was

nicknamed among the Muslims! He was one of those made by Islam and fostered by the Prophet

Muhammad (PBUH).

But who was he? His story is a pride of all mankind. The youth heard one day what the people of

Makkah had begun to hear about Muhammad the Truthful, that Allah had sent him as bearer of glad

tidings and a warner to call them to the worship of Allah the One God. When Makkah slept and awoke

there was no other talk but the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his religion, and this spoiled boy was

one of the most attentive listeners.

That was because, although he was young, the flower of clubs and assemblies, the outward

appearance of wisdom and common sense were among the traits of Mus`ab.

He heard that the Prophet (PBUH) and those who believed in him were meeting far away from the

dignitaries and great men of the Quraish at As-safaa in the house of Al-Arqam lbn Al-Arqam daar Al-

Arqam. He wasted no time. He went one night to the Daar Al Arqam, yearning and anxious. There, the

Prophet (PBUH) was meeting his Companions, reciting the Qur'aan to them and praying with them to

Allah the Most Exalted. Mus`ab had hardly taken his seat and contemplated the verses of Qur'aan recited

by the Prophet (PBUH) when his heart became the promised heart that night.

The pleasure almost flung him from his seat as he was filled with a wild ecstasy. But the Prophet

(PBUH) patted his throbbing heart with his blessed right hand, and the silence of the ocean's depth filled

his heart. In the twinkling of an eye, the youth who had just become Muslim appeared to have more

wisdom than his age and a determination that would change the course of time!

Mus`ab's mother was Khunaas Bint Maalik, and people feared her almost to the point of terror

because she possessed a strong personality. When Mus`ab became a Muslim, he was neither careful

before nor afraid of anyone on the face of the earth except his mother. Even if Makkah, with all its idols,

nobles, and deserts were to challenge him, he would stand up to it. As for a dispute with his mother, this

was an impossible horror, so he thought quickly and decided to keep his Islam secret until Allah willed.

He continued to frequent Daar Al-Arqam and take lessons from the Prophet (PBUH). He was satisfied

with his faith and avoided the anger of his mother, who had no knowledge of his embracing Islam.

However, Makkah at that time kept no secret, for the eyes and ears of the Quraish were everywhere,

very alert and checking every footprint in its hot sands. Once, `Uthmaan Ibn Taihah saw him steadily

entering alarm's house, then he saw him a second time praying the prayer like Muhammad. No sooner

had he seen him than he ran quickly with the news to Mus`ab's mother, who was astonished by it.