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narrated: We emigrated with the Prophet (PBUH) for Allah's cause, so our reward became due with

Allah. Some of us passed away without enjoying anything in this life of his reward, and one of them was

Mus`ab Ibn`Umair, who was martyred on the Day of Uhud. He did not leave behind anything except a

sheet of shredded woolen cloth. If we covered his head with it, his feet were uncovered, and if we

covered his feet with it, his head was uncovered. The Prophet (PBUH) said to us, "Cover his head with it

and put lemon grass over his feet."

Despite the deep, sad pain which the Prophet (PBUH) suffered over the loss of his uncle Hamzah

and the mutilation of his corpse by the polytheists in a manner that drew tears from the Prophet (PBUH)

and broke his heart; despite the fact that the field of battle was littered with the corpses of his

Companions, all of whom represented the peak of truth, piety and enlightenment; despite all this, he

stood at the corpse of his first envoy, bidding him farewell and weeping bitterly. Nay, the Prophet

(PBUH) stood at the remains of Mus`ab lbn `Umair saying, while his eyes were flowing with tears, love

and loyalty, "Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah " (33:23).

Then he gave a sad look at the garment in which he was shrouded and said, "I saw you at Makkah,

and there was not a more precious jewel, nor more distinguished one than you, and here you are bare-

headed in a garment!" Then the Prophet (PBUH) looked at all the martyrs in the battlefield and said,

"The Prophet of Allah witnesses that you are martyrs to Allah on the Day of Resurrection." Then he

gathered his living Companions around him and said, "O people, visit them, come to them, and salute

them. By Allah, no Muslim will salute them but that they will salute him in return."

Peace be on you, O Mus`ab. Peace be on you, O Martyrs. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you!