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Then and there, `Abbaad went up on a hill and shouted, "O people of the Ansaar! Carry your sword

in a valiant way, and be honored and distinguished among the people!"

When 400 of them answered his call, he led them and Abu Dajaanah and Al-Baraa' Ibn Maalik to

the garden of death, where the army of Musailamah had fortified itself for protection. The hero fought a

worthy fight as a man, as a believer, and as an Ansaar.

On that glorious day, `Abbaad attained martyrdom. The vision which he saw in his dream the day

before came true. Did he not see the sky open until, when he entered it from that opening, it returned and

folded on him and closed?

He interpreted it as meaning that his spirit would ascend in the coming battle to its Creator. The

vision was true and the interpretation of it was true. And the doors of heaven were opened to welcome to

happiness the spirit of `Abbaad Ibn Bishr, the man who had with him a light from Allah.