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executed his trust and conveyed the message and that the duty of the believers towards this message was

to assiduously devote all their efforts to it in pursuance of his methodology and approach.

On account of Suhail's position and his rightly directly words and strong faith, he warded off the

discord and civil strife which almost extirpated and uprooted the faith of the people of Makkah when the

news of the death of the Messenger reached them.

Did not he, the Messenger, say to Umar on the day `Umar asked the Prophet (PBUH) for permission

to pull out the two teeth of Suhail when he was taken prisoner at Badr, "Leave them, perhaps they will

make you happy one day."

So on the day when the news of the position of Suhail in Makkah and his dazzling speech which

made the faith firm in the Muslims' hearts reached the Muslims in Al-Madiinah, `Umar Ibn Al Khattaab

remembered the prophecy of his Messenger and laughed a long time, for the day had come in which

Islam benefited from the two teeth of Suhail which `Umar had wanted to crush and tear out. When Suhail

accepted Islam on the Day of the Conquest of Makkah and after he had tasted the sweetness of faith, he

imposed on himself a vow he summed up in these words: By Allah, I do not leave situations and battles

with the polytheists except I support the Muslims equally and no wealth I spent with the polytheists but I

spend an equal amount with the Muslims. Perhaps my support of the Muslims will be followed by an

ever greater support. I stood a long time with the polytheists in front of their idols, so let us now stand for

a long time with the believers in the presence of Allah, the One and Only.

Thus, he started praying and praying and fasting and praying. He would not let a chance pass him

by which would sharpen his spirit and make him close to his Lord Most High but that he took from it a

sufficient portion.

Thus in his past he stood with the polytheists in situations of oppression and war against Islam. So,

now let him take his place in the Muslim army, fighting bravely to extinguish, with the battalion of truth,

the fire of the Persian king who used to worship idols and false gods other than Allah, and fighting to

burn the destinies of the peoples who participated in this fake worship. So, let him fight also to destroy

with the battalion of truth the darkness of Rome and its injustice and spread the word of monotheism and

the fear of Allah to every place.

Thus, he went out with the Muslim army to Syria participating in its wars. On the Day of Yarmuuk,

the Muslims courageously plunged into battle, encountering harm, violence, and danger. Suhail Ibn Amr

was almost flying out of joy when he found on this crucial day the rich opportunity to make the effort,

from his soul, to annihilate the sins and mistakes of jaahiliyah before accepting Islam. He used to love

his house in Makkah greatly, so much so that it made him forget himself. Nevertheless, he refused to

return to it after the Muslim victory over Syria, and so he said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah saying,

The rank and position of one of you who spends one hour in the cause of Allah is better for him than his

work throughout his life.' Therefore, I will strive in the path of Allah until death, and I shall not return to


And Suhail died true to his vow and continued to strive for the remainder of his life committed to

his religion until the appointed time of his demise. So his soul flew quickly to the Mercy of Allah and

His pleasure.