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support and backing for caliph to others from among the Prophet's Companions, the proof for that point

being his suggestion of `Abd Allah Ibn `Umar.

Thus, `Amr found, by his shrewdness and wits, a wide entrance for the achievement of his goal. So

he therefore suggested Mu'aawiyah. Then he suggested his own son `Abd Allah, who possessed a great

position among the Messenger's Companions. The intelligence of Abu Muusaa was not less than the wits

of `Amr. When he saw `Amr adopting the principle of nomination as a rule for the discussion of

arbitration, he boldly confronted `Amr, saying that the choice of caliph was the right of all Muslims and

that Allah had made their affair one of consultation between themselves, so it was incumbent to leave

them alone entirely to the right of choice.

We shall now see how `Amr exploited this lofty principle for the interest of Mu'aawiyah. However,

before that, let us listen to the historical dialogue which took place between Abu Muusaa and `Amr Ibn

Al-' Aas at the beginning of their meeting. We transmit it on the authority of the book Al-Akhbaar At-

Tawaal by Abu Hunaifah Ad Daiyanuuriy;

Abu Muusaa: O `Amr, do you desire in this matter the good of the nation and the pleasure of Allah?

`Amr: And what is it?


Abu Muusaa: That we appoint `Abd Allah Ibn `Umar, for indeed he never involved himself in the

`Amr: And where are you with respect to Mu'aawiyah?

Abu Muusaa: Mu'aawiyah does not deserve it nor is he worthy of it.

Amr: Do you not know that `Uthmaan was unjustly killed?

Abu Muusaa: Yes.

`Amr: So indeed Mu'aawiyah is guardian (walii) of the blood of `Uthmaan and his house is in the

Quraish, as you know. So the people said, Why not assume responsibility for the matter since it has no

precedents. In that you have no excuse. You say, I indeed found him the guardian of `Uthmaan's blood

and Allah Most High says, "And whoever is killed (intentionally with hostility and oppression and not by

mistake), We have given his heir [walii] the authority" (17: 33).

The brother of Umm Habiibah, the wife of the Prophet (PBUH) has this and he is one of his


Abu Muusaa: Fear Allah, O `Amr! As for what you mentioned concerning the nobility of

Mu'aawiyah, if worthiness for the caliphate were based on nobility, the one with the most right to it

among the people would be Abrahah Ibn As-Sabbaah, for indeed he is one of the sons in the line of the

kings of Yemen, who ruled the east of the earth and its west. Furthermore, how does the nobility of

Mu'aawiyah compare with that of `Aliy Ibn Abi Taalib? As for your talk that Mu'aawiyah was the

guardian of `Uthmaan`s blood, his son `Amr Ibn `Uthmaan is more `Uthmaan`s guardian than he. But if

you acceded to me, we would revive the practice of `Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab and his son `Abd Allah.

`Amr: What prevents you from my son `Abd Allah, with his merit and goodness and his previous

Hijrah and his companionship?

Abu Muusaa: Indeed your son is a truthful man, but you have completely immersed him into these

wars. We have made it (i.e. the caliphate) for a good man and the son of a good man. `Abd Allah Ibn