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Mu`aawiyah. He is indeed, the guardian of the Commander of the Faithful Uthmaan and the guardian of

his blood and the one having the most right to his dignified position."

Abu Muusaa did not conceive as possible this sudden happening, and he reprimanded `Amr severely

with angry and furious words.

He returned again to his seclusion and made his way swiftly to Makkah, in the vicinity of the House

of Allah and spent there the remainder of his days.

Abu Muusaa (May Allah be pleased with him) had a position of trust and love with the Messenger

and a position of trust with his Companions and successors. In his life the Prophet gave him, along with

Mu'aadh Ibn Jabal, the governorship over Yemen. After the death of the Messenger, he returned to Al-

Madiinah to carry his responsibility in the great holy war which the Muslim armies engaged in against

Persia and Rome.

In the period of Umar the Commander of the Faithful, Abu Muusaa was governor of Basra, and

Caliph `Uthmaan put him in charge of Kufa. He was one of the people of the Qur'aan, those who

memorized it, understood it, and acted on it. Some of his radiant words about the Qur'aan were Follow

the Qur'aan and do not desire that the Qur'aan should follow you."

He was of the people of persistent worship and on the very days which almost caused the breath of

people to pass away, he would yearn to fast and say, "Perhaps the thirst of the midday heat will be

intercession for us on the Day of Judgment."

On that Humid day, his appointed time of death came to him and covered his countenance with a

radiance which is for those who hope for the mercy of Allah and a good reward. And the words which he

was always repeating during his faithful life his tongue went on repeating while he was in the departing

moments of death: "O Allah, You are peace and from You is peace."