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Our origin is older than your origin.

I have filled fire in your heart.

Thus did At-Tufail live with the Prophet (PBUH), praying behind him, learning from him, and

fighting with him. The Prophet (PBUH) was transported to the most exalted horizon. However, At-Tufail

saw that his responsibility as a Muslim did not end with the death of the Messenger, but rather it was

about to start. Therefore, no sooner had the apostasy wars erupted than At-Tufail prepared for them and

embarked courageously on their hardships and terrors with a yearning for martyrdom. He participated in

the apostasy wars, battle after battle.

In Battle of Al-Yamaamah, he went out with the Muslims accompanied by his son `Amr Ibn At-

Tufail. At the beginning of the battle he advised his son to fight the army of Musailamah the Liar, like

one who desires death and martyrdom.

He told him that he felt he would die in this battle, and thus his sword carried him. He plunged into

the fight in a glorious performance. He did not defend his life with his sword but he defended his sword

with his life. So, when he died his body fell down, but the sword remained sharp and intact so that

another hand whose owner had not yet fallen could strike with it.

In the battle, At-Tufail Ad-Dawsiy was martyred. His body fell down under the flurry of stabs and

strikes while he was waving to his son, who was unable to see him admist the crowd.

He was waving to him as if he were calling him to follow and join him. And he did actually follow

him, but after a while. In the Battle of Yarmuuk in Syria, `Amr Ibn At-Tufail went out to fight and died

as a martyr. At the time his spirit was coming out of his breast, he extended his right hand and opened his

palm as if he would shake the hand of someone else. And who knows ? Perhaps at that time he was

shaking the spirit of his father.