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Saalim lived with his Messenger (PBUH) and the believers. He did not stay behind from any battle,

nor refrain from performing any worship, and his brotherliness with Abu Hudhaifah increased daily with

mutual self-sacrifice and solidarity.

The Messsenger (PBUH) passed away to the Most Exalted Guardian and the caliphate Abu Bakr

was confronted with the conspiracies of the apostates. Then the Day of Al-Yamaamah came and it was a

terrible war. Islam had not gone through anything like it. The Muslims went out to fight and Saalim and

his brother Abu Hudhaifah went out to fight in the cause of Allah. At the start of the battle, the Muslims

did not withstand the attack. However, each believer there felt that the battle was his own and the

responsibility was his own. Khaalid lbn Al-Waliid gathered them together again and reorganized the

army with astonishing skill and genius.

The brothers Abu Hudhaifah and Saalim embraced and pledged martyrdom in the cause of the

religion of truth which gave them the happiness of this world and the next. They threw themselves into

the vast, terrible sea of battle. Abu Hudhaifah was calling, "`O people of the Qur'aan, decorate the

Qur'aan with your actions," and his sword was like a violent hurricane in the army of Musailamah the

Liar. And Saalim was shouting, `What a bad carrier of the Qur'aan I would be if the Muslims were

attacked through me.

Drive into a trap, O Saalim, but yes, you are our best carrier of the Qur`aan.

And Saalim's sword was forceful on the necks of the apostates who embarked upon celebrating the

jaahiliyah of the Quraish and extinguishing the light of Islam. The swords of apostasy fell upon his right

hand and cut it off, while he was carrying with it the standard of the Muhaajiruun after its bearer, Zaid

Ibn Al-Khattaab, had fallen. When his right hand was cut off, he picked up the standard with his left and

kept on waving it high while shouting the following noble Qur'aanic verses: "And how many of the

Prophets have fought, and with them large troops of godly people? But they never lost heart when

adversity befell them in GOD's cause, nor did they weaken, nor did they fail. And GOD loves those who

show fortitude" (3:146).

Is not that the most magnificent slogan? That is the one he chose on the day of death.

A group of apostates circled around him, so the hero fell, but his spirit kept on repeating in his

purified body, until the battle ended with the killing of Musailamah the Liar, the defeat of his army, and

the triumph of the Muslim army.

When the Muslims were examining their sacrificed and martyrs, they found Saalim in the last agony

of death. He asked them, "What has Abu Hudhaifah done?" They said, "`He died a martyr." He said,

"Lay me next to him." They said, "He is next to you, O Saalim." He had died a martyr in the same place.

He smiled his last smile and did not speak again. He and his companion had realized what they

desired. Together they had become Muslims. Together they had lived and together they had died as


Oh, the magnificence of fortune and beauty of destiny! And he went to Allah, that great believer

about whom `Umar lbn Al Khattaab said while he was dying, "If Saalim were alive, I would have given

him the command after me".