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The Leader of Opposition and an Enemy of Wealth

Cheerfully and happily did he turn toward Makkah. Indeed, the difficulty of his journey and the hard,

burning desert sand made him suffer pain. However, the goal he was striving to reach made him forget

his pain and filled his soul with joy and delight.

He entered Makkah disguised as one of those who came to circumambulate the great idols of the

Sacred House of the Ka'bah or as a passer-by who had lost his way or who had traveled far and sought

provision and shelter.

If the inhabitants of Makkah knew that he had come to search for Muhammad (PBUH) and to listen

to him, they would cut him into pieces. He did not fear being cut up piece by piece, but not before

meeting the person he had crossed the hot burning deserts to see and for whose sake afterwards he was

willing to risk his life because he believed in him and was convinced of his honesty and the truth of his


He went about secretly gathering information and whenever he heard someone speaking about

Muhammad (PBUH), he carefully approached him until he was finally able to compile all the scattered

pieces of information which he had heard here and there. Finally, he was guided to the place where he

was able to see Muhammad (PBUH).

One morning he went there and found the Prophet (PBUH) sitting alone. He approached him and

said, "O my Arab brother, good morning." Thereupon the Prophet replied, "And may peace be upon you,

my brother." Abu Dhar then said, "Sing to me some of what you are saying." The Prophet (PBUH)

answered, "It isn't a poem to be sung, but a Holy Qur'aan." Abu Dhar said, "Then recite for me."

The Prophet (PBUH) recited to him while he listened. It was not long until Abu Dhar shouted, "I

bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Prophet (PBUH) and Messenger."

The Prophet (PBUH) asked him, "Where are you from, my Arab brother?" Abu Dhar answered, "From

Ghifaar." A broad smile appeared on the Prophet's lips (PBUH) and his face was filled with wonder and


However, Abu Dhar was also smiling, for he knew well that the reason behind the Prophet's

astonishment was because the man who had just embraced Islam in front of him was from Ghifaar.

Ghifaar was a tribe with a notorious reputation for highway robbery. Its people were famous for theft and

were known as allies of darkness and night. Woe to him who fell into their hinds on a dark night!

Was it possible that one of them would embrace Islam while it was still a new, secret religion?

Narrating the story himself, Abu Dhar said: The Prophet (PBUH) lifted his eyes out of

astonishment, due to Ghifaar's reputation. Then he said, "Allah guides whom He wills." Indeed, Allah

guides whom He wills.

Abu Dhar (May Allah be pleased with him) was one of those whom Allah wanted to be rightly

guided and for whom He wanted the best. His insight was always directed towards truth.

It has been narrated that he worshiped Allah during the period of Jaahiliyah, which means that he

revolted against the worship of idols and turned towards the belief in One Great Creator.