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Therefore, he had hardly heard about the appearance of a prophet rejecting idols and their worship

and calling to the worship of Allah, the One, the Sublime, the Vanquisher, when he immediately set out

and quickened his steps to meet this new Messenger of Allah (PBUH).

Immediately, without hesitation, he embraced Islam. His order among the converts was fifth or

sixth, which means that he converted during the first days, if not the first hours, of Islam. His conversion

was indeed very early.

When he embraced Islam the Prophet (PBUH) was till secretly whispering the call to Islam to

himself and to the five who believed in him. Abu Dhar could not do anything except carry his faith

within his heart, secretly leaving Makkah and returning to his people.

However, Abu Dhar - his real name was Jundub lbn Janaadah - had a restless and agitated temper.

He had been created to revolt against falsehood wherever it existed. Now he saw falsehood with his own

eyes as lifeless rocks piled upon each other. The birth of their worship was long before his existence:

minds and foreheads bowed down in front of them and people calling to them saying, "At your service, at

your service!"

It is true that he saw the Prophet's preference to whisper in those days, but he wished that a loud

shout declaring Islam publicly be made by the venerable and honorable followers before his departure.

Immediately after embracing Islam, he turned to the Prophet (PBUH) with the following question:

"O Messenger of Allah, what is it that you order me?" The Prophet (PBUH) replied, "Go back to your

kin until my order reaches you." Abu Dhar said, "In the name of the One Who owns my soul between

His hands, I am not going back until I cry out loudly declaring Islam within the mosque!"

Did I not tell you? His temper was restless and agitated. At the same moment when Abu Dhar

discovered a totally new world, a wonderful new world represented by the Prophet (PBUH) whom he

believed in and by the call which he became acquainted with by the Prophet's tongue, at that same

moment he was asked to return silently to his kin. ! that possible? It was beyond his ability.

Hereupon, he entered the Sacred House and cried out as loud as he could,

"I bear witness that there

is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger!"

As far as we know, it was the first public pronouncement declaring Islam and challenging the

arrogance of the Quraish which reached their ears. It was cried out by a stranger who did not have any

relatives, reputation, or protection in Makkah.

He acted out of his own dedication and courage even though he knew what was going to happen. He

was surrounded by the polytheists, who hit him till he fell down.

This news reached Al `Abbaas, the Prophet's uncle. He came quickly but could not rescue Abu

Dhar! except by a clever trick. Thus he told them, "O you Quraish! You are merchants and your route

crosses over Ghifaar and this man here is one of their tribesmen. Beware, he may incite his kin against

you, provoking them to rob your caravans while passing by." They came back to their senses and left him


Having tasted the sweetness of being hurt in the cause of Allah, Abu Dhar did not want to leave

Makkah without being given more. So, on the next day, or perhaps on the same day, Abu Dhar

encountered two women circling around two idols (Usaaf and Naa'ilah) and calling upon them. He stood

in front of them rudely disgracing their idols. The women shouted loudly, and men hastened as fast as

lightening, immediately hitting him until he fell down unconscious.

When he regained consciousness he shouted again that there is no god but Allah and Muhammed

(PBUH) is His Messenger.