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played in liberating all humanity from the paganism of conscience and the loss of destiny. However, the

reader will not encounter among these sixty the four Companions who were to become the Messenger's

successors Abu Bakr, `Umar, `Uthmaan, and `Aliy. Allah has enabled us to devote a separate book for

each one of them. The four books appeared as: Then Came Abu Bakr Between the Hands of Umar In the

Presence of `Aliy and Farewell `Uthmaan.

Now let us approach in awe and delight those righteous men, to welcome the best human examples,

the most graceful and most virtuous. Let us see under their humble garments the most sublime and lofty

in greatness and wisdom known to the whole world. Let us witness the legion of truth treading the

ancient world in piety, filling the sky with standards of new truth in which they announced the religion of

monotheism and the liberation of mankind.

Khaalid Muhammad Khaalid