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been handed down from generation to generation for centuries. He could have started by going around

the issue to avoid as much as possible a direct confrontation he knew would bestir all the envy of his

people and draw upon them all their weapons against him.

Yet, he did not. This illustrates that he was a Messenger (PBUH). He heard a divine voice within

him telling him to rise, and he did, and telling him to deliver the message, and he did so without the force

of weapons and without fleeing! He confronted them from the first instant with the essence of the

message and the core of the case: "O people, I am the Messenger of Allah unto you, to worship Him and

not to set partners with Him. These idols are intellectual falsehood. They are of no harm or benefit to


From the very beginning he faced them with such clear and plain words, and from the very

beginning he faced the severe struggle which he had to undergo his departure from life!

Or were the early believers in need of a prompting power to support the Prophet (PBUH)!

What awakened conscience would not be stirred by such a rare and unique scene! It was the scene

of a man known to the people to have full intellectual power and immaculate behavior, standing alone,

facing his people with a call which could bring mountains down. Words were issuing forth from his heart

and lips, obedient and superb, as if in them lay all the power, will, and design of the future, as if it were

fate announcing its proclamation! But perhaps this was the prompting of a good spirit, after which

Muhammad (PBUH) would worship his Lord as he liked, leaving the deities of his people in their place

and leaving his community's religion alone.

If such a thought occurred to some minds at that time, Muhammed (PBUH) soon dissipated it. He

made it quite clear to the people that he was a Messenger and had to convey the message, that he could

not be silent nor turn into himself after being guided by the truth and enlightenment. All the powers of

the world and nature could not have silenced him or stopped him because it was Allah Who made him

speak and move and Who guided his footsteps.

The Quraish's reaction came as swift as flames stirred by a violent wind. Troubles began to be

wreaked upon a soul unaccustomed to anything but absolute grace. The Messenger (PBUH) then began

to teach his first lessons with utmost mastery and amazing loyalty. The image of this scene is paramount

in all places and at all times, as well as in history. Those with an awakened conscience in Makkah were

pleased, filled with admiration, and came closer. They beheld a lofty and majestic man. They did not

know whether his neck had become longer until it was able to touch the sky or the sky had come down to

crown his head. They beheld loyalty, steadfastness and eminence.

However, the best scene they beheld was on the day when the noblemen of the Quraish went to Abu

Taalib saying, "Verily, we cannot tolerate a person who insults our fathers, mocks our dreams, and finds

fault with our deities. You either stop him or we fight both of you until one of the parties is destroyed."

Abu Taalib sent a message to his nephew saying, "My nephew, your people have approached me and

talked about your affairs. You have to think of me and yourself and not burden me with what I cannot


What then was the attitude of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)?

The only man who had stood with him seemed to be abandoning him, or rather seemed unable to

confront the Quraish who sharpened all their teeth. The Messenger (PBUH) did not hesitate in his reply,

and his determination did not waver. No! He did not even search for the words to show his tenacity. It

was already there, efficiently rising to deliver one of his most significant lessons to the whole of

humanity and to dictate its highest principles.

Thus he spoke: "O uncle, by Allah, if they put the sun on my right and the moon on my left in order

to abandon this matter until it is manifested by Allah or I perish by it, I would never abandon it!" Peace

be upon you, O Prophet of Islam, you who were colossal among men, and your words were colossal.