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When he was asked about the scientific miracles of the Qur’an

that he researched, he commented as follows:

“The way it was explained to me is that Muhammad was a very

ordinary man. He could neither read nor write. In fact he was

unlearned in the sense we understand. And we are talking about

14 hundred years ago. Here you have an illiterate person making

profound pronouncements and statements and that are

amazingly accurate about scientific nature. And I personally

cannot see how this could be a mere chance! There are too many

accuracies and, like Dr. Keith Moore, I have no difficulty in my

mind that this is a divine inspiration of revelation which led him

to these statements.”

Professor Persaud has included some Qur’anic verses and

sayings of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) in some of his books, as

well as presenting them at several conferences.

There are dozens of scientists like Dr. Persaud, Dr. Moore & Dr.

Simpson who have reached the same conclusion. In the face of

such overwhelming proof of acceptance by these eminent

scientists in their respective fields, it is impossible for any person

or for that matter any court of law not to accept the evidence of

the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and that the

Qur’an is the word of Allah.



“Does man think that We cannot assemble his bones? Nay, We

are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his


Al-Qur’an: 75:v3-4


Unbelievers deny the resurrection-taking place after death.

Allah, the Almighty answers that He will not only assemble our

bones, but will also reconstruct perfectly our very fingertips. In

1880, fingerprinting became the scientific method of

identification, after research by Sir Francis Golt. No two persons