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This book is dedicated to all the ordinary Muslims who are

propagating Islam and whose efforts are inspiring millions

of people around the world to examine their beliefs, be it

Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Jew. Their efforts encouraged us

all to understand the purpose of human existence. For

surely human beings have been created for a higher purpose

than just for eating, drinking, pro-creating and sleeping.

Animals do that as well. If that were the reason, then humans

would have been no better than animals, which is definitely not

the case.

It is the earnest wish of the Author and the Compiler, that after

reading this book, it will spur its readers to want to know more

about Islam, and will encourage them to purchase a copy of the

Qur’an to read and experience for themselves, the Miracle of

the “Word of Allah.” The Author & Compiler would

appreciate any constructive comments and advices, as well as

to point out any errors that may have crept in. May Allah with

His infinite mercy guide all of us, who sincerely wish to be

guided to the truth! Ameen.

The End


Kindly address all your questions to:

The Islamic Bulletin

P.O. Box 410186, San Francisco, CA 94141-0186 USA



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