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a single letter of this Qur’an has been changed

. Disbelievers tried

their utmost to change it, but they failed miserably in their

efforts. As is mentioned in this Holy Verse:

“We will guard this

Book,” and, Allah definitely has guarded it.

On the contrary, all the other holy books (Torah, Psalms,

Gospels, etc.) have been adulterated / interpolated and in the

form of additions, deletions or alterations from the original. Read

about this fact in the forewords of the Bibles where it states that

is has been revised, re-revised, and re-re-revised.


. How can you prove that the Bible has been revised, and the

Qur’an is still in its original text?


. The first Bible was printed in England in 1538. In 1560 the

first revised English Bible was printed and divided into verses.

Under Henry VIII, the Bible was revised again. Again it was

revised under Queen Elizabeth. Then revised under King James

at Hampton Court in 1611. Since then it has undergone many

more revisions as stated in the preface to the Bible. At a

conservative guess it must have been revised more than 20 times

since 1538.

The most recent major revisions were done in 1952

and 1971. From the foregoing it is clear and beyond doubt that

the present Bible has undergone too many changes to be

accepted as the original word of God

. Many scholars of the

Bible are in agreement of this fact! The forewords of the different

Bibles state that it has been revised and when etc. As for the

Qur’an there are two original Qur’ans that were hand-written

more than 1400 years ago and are still intact and are in existence

today. One is in the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul,

(Turkey) and the other is in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The United

Nations (UNESCO) has verified the Authenticity of them and