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whole nation of Israel assembled in Mizpeh when

Samuel was appointed king of Israel. (

I Samuel 10



It is obvious now that there is no Mizpah left in the world

except the oldest one in the Holy City of Makkah built by

Abraham and his son Ishmael, from whom later Prophet

Muhammed arose. Muslims are the real followers of all



I can tell you other things about Muslims, Islam

and Muhammed (pbuh) that are in the Bible, but we can

only discuss further if you are really looking seriously for

the truth.


I am sure of my own faith as a Christian but I am stimulated to

know more about Islam. I want to get as much information as I

can about Islam and compare it with Christianity. I do not want

to have a “blind dogmatic faith” but something that I can believe

in with certainty.


Does it affect you in your religious life?


Yes, I

am not going to Church as regularly as before, and I

have been reading the Qur’an in English as well as books written

by Muslims. I have asked several Muslims what was not clear to

me, but the answers were not wholly to my satisfaction. Perhaps

they were not too well versed in Islam themselves. However, I

think that your knowledge is more and perhaps you can help

me. I want a belief system that I can rely on, and give me peace

of mind. Also it must be logical and

scientifically acceptable. I

do not want to believe in any religion blindly, whether it is

Islam or Christianity or any other religion.


. Absolutely! I agree with you. But we are not allowed to allure


We propagate and hold dialogues with only those who

want to discuss and want to know more about Islam.