muslim-christian dialogue
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this Comforter fits the character of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

1. “Another Comforter”: So many Comforters (prophets) had

come and another one was yet to come.

2. “

That he may abide with you for ever”:


there was no

need for another one to come after him, as he was the Seal of

all Prophets. The teaching



The Glorious Qu’ran, will

abide forever, and will remain intact, without any changes

or interpolations. In fact the Holy Qur’an remains as pure as

it was revealed, more than 1,400 years




“He will reprove the world of sin

” (

John 16:8):

All other

Prophets, Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon (pbut)

chastised their own people for sin, but not the whole world as

Muhammed (pbuh) did. He not only rooted out idolatry in

Arabia within a 23-year period, but also sent envoys to

Heraclius, the Sovereigns of the empires of Persia and Rome,

to Najashi, the King of Ethiopia and to Muqauqis, the

Governor of Egypt. Copies of his letters to these rulers are in

the Topkapi Museum in Turkey even today.

He reprimanded the Christians for changing the Unity of God

into a trinity, for having raised Jesus to Son of God, and God

Himself. It was he who condemned the Jews and Christians

for having corrupted their Scriptures, remonstrated the

birthright of Ishmael (pbuh), and cleared the Prophets from

accusations of adultery, incest, rape and idolatry.

4. “The prince of the world is judged” (

John 16:11)

. This is Satan

as explained in

John 12:31 and 14:30.

So Prophet Muhammed

(pbuh) came to chastise the entire world on account of


5. “

The Spirit of Truth

” (

John 16:13)

. Since childhood, Prophet

Muhammed (pbuh) was called



the Honest and

Truthful One

; and “he will guide you unto all truth...” (




6. “

For he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall

hear, that shall he speak

” (

John 16:13