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Relationship with the Wealth
The wealth and good health has been given to us by Allah to see how we use it. Allah is forever
testing us whether we are rich or poor. Wealth is something given by Allah and it is there to be shared
with other Muslims. If we use our wealth in a good way then Allah will give us more.
Contrary to what you may have been told or believe, money isn't evil; it's what we do with it that
determines whether it is used with good or bad intentions. With money, you can do great deeds in
the world. You can support wonderful causes and spread your wealth to where it is needed.
Allah SWT tell us that the Shaytaan has share in our wealth, as mentioned in the aayah: “share with
them wealth and children (by tempting them to earn money by illegal ways usury, or by committing
illegal sexual intercourse),”[al-Israa’ 17:64]
What this meant was every kind of wealth which involved disobeying Allaah, whether it was spent on
haraam things, earned from haraam sources, sacrificed to their gods, or other ways by means of
which it was spent in disobedience (towards Allaah). That is because Allaah said: “share with them
wealth”. So every kind of wealth by means of which the Shaytaan is obeyed and Allaah is disobeyed,
the one who does that, has given Iblees a share in it.
There are two ways of earning in Islam the halal way and the haram way. The halal way is when you
work hard to earn your living and you spend it in a halal way such as spending on yourself, your
family, giving it to the mosque or to a charity. The haram way is when you earn your money selling
drugs, alcohol and when you spend it on haram things such as gambling, riba and so on.
Focus on abundance, not lack! If you moan about what you haven't got, you're placing all your energy
and focus into creating nothing. The negative thoughts simply highlight your deficiencies and do
nothing to start creating financial abundance. When you hear yourself complaining about not having
enough money, stop yourself! Turn the negative statement into a positive one and focus your
attention to abundance. It may prove difficult at first, especially if you're always grousing, but stay
resolute and focus on plenty and your fortunes will start turning round.
Give a percentage of what you earn to a good cause. Spread your wealth and don't begrudge doing
so. By sharing what you have, and giving away some of your money without worrying about lack or
hoping to gain something in return, you are demonstrating a healthy relationship with money while
trusting in Allah and in yourself to create abundance all round.