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Relationship with the Parents
Having a good relationship with our parents is very important for us. However, relationships with
parents can be quite difficult and complex. There is scope for lots of misunderstandings and conflicts.
These basically stem from lack of communication in most instances. However, in other instances,
communication itself can be the source of conflicts.
Whatever the case may be never be disrespectful to your parents. Do not say a harsh word to them.
Even if parents are unjust, it is not lawful for children to ill-treat, disobey or displease them. Obey
them in all lawful things. If they instruct you to do anything which is unlawful in the Sharee'ah , then
politely and with respect and apology decline. Never refuse rudely nor argue with them.
When parents abuse, scold or even beat their children, they should submit to such treatment with
humility. Never should they utter a word of disrespect or complaint, nor should they display on their
faces any indication of disgust or anger. Bear their treatment in silence and with patience. Make du'aa
for them.
“The Lord has ordained that ye worship non but Him; and to show kindness to your parents.
If you are living with them, take their permission before going anywhere. Inform them of your
If at any time you were disrespectful to your parents, regret your action and hasten to obtain their
pardon. Scholars have said that being grateful to Allah is to be grateful for the Iman that He has
blessed us with. And to be thankful to our parents is to be grateful for the hard work they went
through to raise us.
In their life and after death, make du'aa of forgiveness for them. Pray for their forgiveness and within
your means, practice virtuous deeds with the intention of the reward thereof being bestowed on
them by Allah.
“O My Lord! Bestow your Mercy on them, even as they reared me when I was young.”
Bani Isra’il 17:23
Surah Bani Israel 17:24