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Zakia Usmani was born in Pakistan but grew up in United Arab Emirates where she started her
career in the airline industry. She migrated to Canada in 2000 and worked as a graphic designer for an
adult learning center.
She has completed Tuhfatul Atfal and Jazariyyah studying directly under Qari Sheikh Uthman Khan
the Dean and Director of the Shatibiyyah Institute in Toronto, Canada and is working on obtaining her
Ijaazah in Hafs 'an Asim.
She is also a member of the Student Guild of AlKauthar Institute and is undertaking an intensive 5-
year comprehensive program in Islamic Studies directly from Sheikh Bilal Ismail and Sheikh Tariq
Appleby. She has also attended personal development courses offered by Sheikh Muhammad
Alshareef and Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury.
Zakia lives in Toronto, ON with her husband and four children.