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19. Faansha/na lakum bihi jannatin min nakheelin waaAAnabin lakum feeha fawakihu

katheeratun waminha ta/kuloon


19. With it We grow for you gardens of date-palms and vines: in them have ye abundant

fruits: and of them ye eat (and have enjoyment),--

20. Washajaratan takhruju min toori saynaa tanbutu bi


dduhni wasibghin lilakileen


20. Also a tree springing out of Mount Sinai, which produces oil, and relish for those who

use it for food.

21. Wa-inna lakum fee al-anAAami laAAibratan nusqeekum mimma fee butooniha

walakum feeha manafiAAu katheeratun waminha ta/kuloon


21. And in cattle (too) ye have an instructive example: from within their bodies We

produce (milk) for you to drink; there are, in them, (besides), numerous (other) benefits

for you; and of their (meat) ye eat;