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64. Hatta itha akhathna mutrafeehim bi


lAAathabi itha hum yaj-aroon


64. Until, when We seize in Punishment those of them who received the good things of

this world, behold, they will groan in supplication!

65. La taj-aroo alyawma innakum minna la tunsaroon


65. (It will be said): "Groan not in supplication this day: for ye shall certainly not be

helped by Us.

66. Qad kanat ayatee tutla AAalaykum fakuntum AAala aAAqabikum tankisoon


66. "My Signs used to be rehearsed to you, but ye used to turn back on your heels-

67. Mustakbireena bihi samiran tahjuroon


67. "In arrogance: talking nonsense about the (Qur'an), like one telling fables by night."