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112. Qala kam labithtum fee al-ardi AAadada sineen


112. He will say: "What number of years did ye stay on earth?"

113. Qaloo labithna yawman aw baAAda yawmin fa


s-ali alAAaddeen


113. They will say: "We stayed a day or part of a day: but ask those who keep account."

114. Qala in labithtum illa qaleelan law annakum kuntum taAAlamoon


114. He will say: "Ye stayed not but a little,--if ye had only known!

115. Afahasibtum annama khalaqnakum AAabathan waannakum ilayna la turjaAAoon


115. "Did ye then think that We had created you in jest, and that ye would not be brought

back to Us (for account)?"