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30. Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty:

that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they


31. Waqul lilmu/minati yaghdudna min absarihinna wayahfa


na furoojahunna wala

yubdeena zeenatahunna illa ma


ahara minha walyadribna bikhumurihinna AAala

juyoobihinna wala yubdeena zeenatahunna illa libuAAoolatihinna aw aba-ihinna aw aba-

i buAAoolatihinna aw abna-ihinna aw abna-i buAAoolatihinna aw ikhwanihinna aw

banee ikhwanihinna aw banee akhawatihinna aw nisa-ihinna aw ma malakat

aymanuhunna awi a


ttabiAAeena ghayri olee al-irbati mina a


rrijali awi a


ttifli allatheena

lam ya


haroo AAala AAawrati a


nnisa-i wala yadribna bi-arjulihinna liyuAAlama ma

yukhfeena min zeenatihinna watooboo ila Allahi jameeAAan ayyuha almu/minoona

laAAallakum tuflihoon


31. And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their

modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must

ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not

display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their

sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or

their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of

physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they