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61. Laysa AAala al-aAAma harajun wala AAala al-aAAraji harajun wala AAala

almareedi harajun wala AAala anfusikum an ta/kuloo min buyootikum aw buyooti aba-

ikum aw buyooti ommahatikum aw buyooti ikhwanikum aw buyooti akhawatikum aw

buyooti aAAmamikum aw buyooti AAammatikum aw buyooti akhwalikum aw buyooti

khalatikum aw ma malaktum mafatihahu aw sadeeqikum laysa AAalaykum junahun an

ta/kuloo jameeAAan aw ashtatan fa-itha dakhaltum buyootan fasallimoo AAala

anfusikum tahiyyatan min AAindi Allahi mubarakatan tayyibatan kathalika yubayyinu

Allahu lakumu al-ayati laAAallakum taAAqiloon


61. It is no fault in the blind nor in one born lame, nor in one afflicted with illness, nor in

yourselves, that ye should eat in your own houses, or those of your fathers, or your

mothers, or your brothers, or your sisters, or your father's brothers or your father's sisters,

or your mother's brothers, or your mother's sisters, or in houses of which the keys are in

your possession, or in the house of a sincere friend of yours: there is no blame on you,

whether ye eat in company or separately. But if ye enter houses, salute each other--a

greeting of blessing and purity as from Allah. Thus does Allah make clear the signs to

you: that ye may understand.

Section 9 (62-64)