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9. On


ur kayfa daraboo laka al-amthala fadalloo fala yastateeAAoona sabeela


9. See what kinds of comparisons they make for thee! But they have gone astray, and

never a way will they be able to find!

Section 2 (10-20)

10. Tabaraka allathee in shaa jaAAala laka khayran min thalika jannatin tajree min

tahtiha al-anharu wayajAAal laka qusoora


10. Blessed is He who, if that were His will, could give thee better (things) than those,--

Gardens beneath which rivers flow; and He could give thee palaces (secure to dwell in).

11. Bal kaththaboo bi


ssaAAati waaAAtadna liman kaththaba bi


ssaAAati saAAeera


11. Nay they deny the hour (of the judgment to come): but We have prepared a blazing

fire for such as deny the hour: