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21. Waqala allatheena la yarjoona liqaana lawla onzila AAalayna almala-ikatu aw nara

rabbana laqadi istakbaroo fee anfusihim waAAataw AAutuwwan kabeera


21. Such as fear not the meeting with Us (for Judgment) say: "Why are not the angels

sent down to us, or (why) do we not see our Lord?" Indeed they have an arrogant conceit

of themselves, and mighty is the insolence of their impiety!

22. Yawma yarawna almala-ikata la bushra yawma-ithin lilmujrimeena wayaqooloona

hijran mahjoora


22. The Day they see the angels,--no joy will there be to the sinners that Day: The

(angels) will say: "There is a barrier forbidden (to you) altogether!"

23. Waqadimna ila ma AAamiloo min AAamalin fajaAAalnahu habaan manthoora


23. And We shall turn to whatever deeds they did (in this life), and We shall make such

deeds as floating dust scattered about.