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50. Qaloo la dayra inna ila rabbina munqaliboon


50. "Be sure I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I will cause

you all to die on the cross!"

51. Inna natmaAAu an yaghfira lana rabbuna khatayana an kunna awwala almu/mineen


51. They said: "No matter! for us, we shall but return to our Lord!

52. Waawhayna ila moosa an asri biAAibadee innakum muttabaAAoon


52. "Only, our desire is that our Lord will forgive us our faults, that we may become

foremost among the believers!"

Section 4 (53-69)

53. Faarsala firAAawnu fee almada-ini hashireen


53. By inspiration we told Moses: "Travel by night with my servants; for surely ye shall

be pursued."