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62. Wayawma yunadeehim fayaqoolu ayna shuraka-iya allatheena kuntum tazAAumoon


62. That Day ((Allah)) will call to them, and say "Where are my 'partners'?--whom ye

imagined (to be such)?"

63. Qala allatheena haqqa AAalayhimu alqawlu rabbana haola-i allatheena aghwayna

aghwaynahum kama ghawayna tabarra/na ilayka ma kanoo iyyana yaAAbudoon


63. Those against whom the charge will be proved, will say: "Our Lord! These are the

ones whom we led astray: we led them astray, as we were astray ourselves: we free

ourselves (from them) in Thy presence: it was not us they worshipped."

64. Waqeela odAAoo shurakaakum fadaAAawhum falam yastajeeboo lahum waraawoo

alAAathaba law annahum kanoo yahtadoon


64. It will be said (to them): "Call upon your 'partners' (for help)" :they will call upon

them, but they will not listen to them; and they will see the Penalty (before them); (how

they will wish) 'if only they had been open to guidance!'