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68. Thy Lord does create and choose as He pleases: no choice have they (in the matter):

Glory to Allah. and far is He above the partners they ascribe (to Him)!

69. Warabbuka yaAAlamu ma tukinnu sudooruhum wama yuAAlinoon


69. And thy Lord knows all that their hearts conceal and all that they reveal.

70. Wahuwa Allahu la ilaha illa huwa lahu alhamdu fee al-oola wa


l-akhirati walahu

alhukmu wa-ilayhi turjaAAoon


70. And He is Allah. There is no god but He. To Him be praise, at the first and at the last:

for Him is the Command, and to Him shall ye (all) be brought back.

71. Qul araaytum in jaAAala Allahu AAalaykumu allayla sarmadan ila yawmi alqiyamati

man ilahun ghayru Allahi ya/teekum bidiya-in afala tasmaAAoon


71. Say: See ye? If Allah were to make the night perpetual over you to the Day of

Judgment, what god is there other than Allah, who can give you enlightenment? Will ye

not then hearken?