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75. WanazaAAna min kulli ommatin shaheedan faqulna hatoo burhanakum faAAalimoo

anna alhaqqa lillahi wadalla AAanhum ma kanoo yaftaroon


75. And from each people shall We draw a witness, and We shall say: "Produce your

Proof": then shall they know that the Truth is in Allah (alone), and the (lies) which they

invented will leave them in lurch.

Section 8 (76-88)

76. Inna qaroona kana min qawmi moosa fabagha AAalayhim waataynahu mina

alkunoozi ma inna mafatihahu latanoo-o bi


lAAusbati olee alquwwati ith qala lahu

qawmuhu la tafrah inna Allaha la yuhibbu alfariheen


76. Qarun was doubtless, of the people of Moses; but he acted insolently towards them:

such were the treasures We had bestowed on him that their very keys would have been a

burden to a body of strong men, behold, his people said to him: "Exult not, for Allah

loveth not those who exult (in riches).