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38. Faati tha alqurba haqqahu wa


lmiskeena wa


bna a


ssabeeli thalika khayrun

lillatheena yureedoona wajha Allahi waola-ika humu almuflihoon


38. So give what is due to kindred, the needy, and the wayfarer. That is best for those

who seek the Countenance, of Allah, and it is they who will prosper.

39. Wama ataytum min riban liyarbuwa fee amwali a


nnasi fala yarboo AAinda Allahi

wama ataytum min zakatin tureedoona wajha Allahi faola-ika humu almudAAifoon


39. That which ye lay out for increase through the property of (other) people, will have

no increase with Allah. but that which ye lay out for charity, seeking the Countenance of

Allah, (will increase): it is these who will get a recompense multiplied.