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24. WajaAAalna minhum a-immatan yahdoona bi-amrina lamma sabaroo wakanoo bi-

ayatina yooqinoon


24. And We appointed, from among them, leaders, giving guidance under Our command,

so long as they persevered with patience and continued to have faith in Our Signs.

25. Inna rabbaka huwa yafsilu baynahum yawma alqiyamati feema kanoo feehi



25. Verily thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Judgment, in the matters

wherein they differ (among themselves)

26. Awa lam yahdi lahum kam ahlakna min qablihim mina alqurooni yamshoona fee

masakinihim inna fee thalika laayatin afala yasmaAAoon


26. Does it not teach them a lesson, how many generations We destroyed before them, in

whose dwellings they (now) go to and fro? Verily in that are Signs: Do they not then