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15. Walaqad kanoo AAahadoo Allaha min qablu la yuwalloona al-adbara wakana

AAahdu Allahi mas-oola


15. And yet they had already covenanted with Allah not to turn their backs, and a

covenant with Allah must (surely) be answered for.

16. Qul lan yanfaAAakumu alfiraru in farartum mina almawti awi alqatli wa-ithan la

tumattaAAoona illa qaleela


16. Say: "Running away will not profit you if ye are running away from death or

slaughter; and even if (ye do escape), no more than a brief (respite) will ye be allowed to


17. Qul man tha allathee yaAAsimukum mina Allahi in arada bikum soo-an aw arada

bikum rahmatan wala yajidoona lahum min dooni Allahi waliyyan wala naseera


17. Say: "Who is it that can screen you from Allah if it be His wish to give you

punishment or to give you Mercy?" Nor will they find for themselves, besides Allah, any

protector or helper.