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3. Waqala allatheena kafaroo la ta/teena a


ssaAAatu qul bala warabbee lata/tiyannakum

AAalimi alghaybi la yaAAzubu AAanhu mithqalu tharratin fee a


ssamawati wala fee al-

ardi wala asgharu min thalika wala akbaru illa fee kitabin mubeen


3. The Unbelievers say, "Never to us will come the Hour": Say, "Nay! but most surely, by

my Lord, it will come upon you;- by Him Who knows the unseen,- from Whom is not

hidden the least little atom in the heavens or on earth: Nor is there anything less than that,

or greater, but is in the Record Perspicuous:

4. Liyajziya allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo a


ssalihati ola-ika lahum maghfiratun

warizqun kareem


4. That He may reward those who believe and work deeds of righteousness: for such is

Forgiveness and a Sustenance Most Generous."