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23. Wala tanfaAAu a


shshafaAAatu AAindahu illa liman athina lahu hatta itha fuzziAAa

AAan quloobihim qaloo matha qala rabbukum qaloo alhaqqa wahuwa alAAaliyyu



23. "No intercession can avail in His Presence, except for those for whom He has granted

permission. So far (is this the case) that, when terror is removed from their hearts (at the

Day of Judgment, then) will they say, 'what is it that your Lord commanded?' they will

say, 'That which is true and just; and He is the Most High Most Great'."

24. Qul man yarzuqukum mina a


ssamawati wa


l-ardi quli Allahu wa-inna aw iyyakum

laAAala hudan aw fee dalalin mubeen


24. Say: "Who gives you sustenance, from the heavens and the earth?" Say: "It is Allah.

and certain it is that either we or ye are on right guidance or in manifest error!"

25. Qul la tus-aloona AAamma ajramna wala nus-alu AAamma taAAmaloon


25. Say: "Ye shall not be questioned as to our sins, nor shall we be questioned as to what

ye do."

26. Qul yajmaAAu baynana rabbuna thumma yaftahu baynana bi


lhaqqi wahuwa

alfattahu alAAaleem