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36. Falamma wadaAAat-ha qalat rabbi innee wadaAAtuha ontha wa


llahu aAAlamu

bima wadaAAat walaysa a


ththakaru ka


lontha wa-innee sammaytuha maryama wa-

innee oAAeethuha bika wathurriyyataha mina a


shshaytani a




36. When she was delivered, she said: "O my Lord! Behold! I am delivered of a female

child!"- and Allah knew best what she brought forth- "And no wise is the male Like the

female. I have named her Mary, and I commend her and her offspring to Thy protection

from the Evil One, the Rejected."

37. Fataqabbalaha rabbuha biqaboolin hasanin waanbataha nabatan hasanan wakaffalaha

zakariyya kullama dakhala AAalayha zakariyya almihraba wajada AAindaha rizqan qala

ya maryamu anna laki hatha qalat huwa min AAindi Allahi inna Allaha yarzuqu man

yashao bighayri hisab


37. Right graciously did her Lord accept her: He made her grow in purity and beauty: To

the care of Zakariya was she assigned. Every time that he entered (Her) chamber to see

her, He found her supplied with sustenance. He said: "O Mary! Whence (comes) this to

you?" She said: "From Allah. for Allah Provides sustenance to whom He pleases without