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45. Wa-itha qeela lahumu ittaqoo ma bayna aydeekum wama khalfakum laAAallakum



45. When they are told, "Fear ye that which is before you and that which will be after

you, in order that ye may receive Mercy," (they turn back).

46. Wama ta/teehim min ayatin min ayati rabbihim illa kanoo AAanha muAArideen


46. Not a Sign comes to them from among the Signs of their Lord, but they turn away


47. Wa-itha qeela lahum anfiqoo mimma razaqakumu Allahu qala allatheena kafaroo

lillatheena amanoo anutAAimu man law yashao Allahu atAAamahu in antum illa fee

dalalin mubeen


47. And when they are told, "Spend ye of (the bounties) with which Allah has provided

you," the Unbelievers say to those who believe: "Shall we then feed those whom, if Allah

had so willed, He would have fed, (Himself)?- Ye are in nothing but manifest error."