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7. In takfuroo fa-inna Allaha ghaniyyun AAankum wala yarda liAAibadihi alkufra wa-in

tashkuroo yardahu lakum wala taziru waziratun wizra okhra thumma ila rabbikum

marjiAAukum fayunabbi-okum bima kuntum taAAmaloona innahu AAaleemun bithati





7. If ye reject ((Allah)), Truly Allah hath no need of you; but He liketh not ingratitude

from His servants: if ye are grateful, He is pleased with you. No bearer of burdens can

bear the burden of another. In the end, to your Lord is your Return, when He will tell you

the truth of all that ye did (in this life). for He knoweth well all that is in (men's) hearts.

8. Wa-itha massa al-insana durrun daAAa rabbahu muneeban ilayhi thumma itha

khawwalahu niAAmatan minhu nasiya ma kana yadAAoo ilayhi min qablu wajaAAala

lillahi andadan liyudilla AAan sabeelihi qul tamattaAA bikufrika qaleelan innaka min as-

habi a




8. When some trouble toucheth man, he crieth unto his Lord, turning to Him in

repentance: but when He bestoweth a favour upon him as from Himself, (man) doth

forget what he cried and prayed for before, and he doth set up rivals unto Allah, thus

misleading others from Allah.s Path. Say, "Enjoy thy blasphemy for a little while: verily

thou art (one) of the Companions of the Fire!"