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10. The Unbelievers will be addressed: "Greater was the aversion of Allah to you than

(is) your aversion to yourselves, seeing that ye were called to the Faith and ye used to


11. Qaloo rabbana amattana ithnatayni waahyaytana ithnatayni fa



bithunoobina fahal ila khuroojin min sabeel


11. They will say: "Our Lord! twice hast Thou made us without life, and twice hast Thou

given us Life! Now have we recognised our sins: Is there any way out (of this)?"

12. Thalikum bi-annahu itha duAAiya Allahu wahdahu kafartum wa-in yushrak bihi

tu/minoo fa


lhukmu lillahi alAAaliyyi alkabeer


12. (The answer will be:) "This is because, when Allah was invoked as the Only (object

of worship), ye did reject Faith, but when partners were joined to Him, ye believed! the

Command is with Allah, Most High, Most Great!"