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19. ((Allah)) knows of (the tricks) that deceive with the eyes, and all that the hearts (of

men) conceal.

20. Wa


llahu yaqdee bi


lhaqqi wa


llatheena yadAAoona min doonihi la yaqdoona

bishay-in inna Allaha huwa a


ssameeAAu albaseer


20. And Allah will judge with (justice and) Truth: but those whom (men) invoke besides

Him, will not (be in a position) to judge at all. Verily it is Allah (alone) Who hears and

sees (all things).

Section 3 (21-27)

21. Awa lam yaseeroo fee al-ardi fayan


uroo kayfa kana AAaqibatu allatheena kanoo

min qablihim kanoo hum ashadda minhum quwwatan waatharan fee al-ardi

faakhathahumu Allahu bithunoobihim wama kana lahum mina Allahi min waq


21. Do they not travel through the earth and see what was the End of those before them?

They were even superior to them in strength, and in the traces (they have left) in the land:

but Allah did call them to account for their sins, and none had they to defend them

against Allah.