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76. Bala man awfa biAAahdihi wa


ttaqa fa-inna Allaha yuhibbu almuttaqeen


76. Nay.- Those that keep their plighted faith and act aright,-verily Allah loves those who

act aright.

77. Inna allatheena yashtaroona biAAahdi Allahi waaymanihim thamanan qaleelan ola-

ika la khalaqa lahum fee al-akhirati wala yukallimuhumu Allahu wala yan


uru ilayhim

yawma alqiyamati wala yuzakkeehim walahum AAathabun aleem


77. As for those who sell the faith they owe to Allah and their own plighted word for a

small price, they shall have no portion in the Hereafter: Nor will Allah (Deign to) speak

to them or look at them on the Day of Judgment, nor will He cleans them (of sin): They

shall have a grievous penalty.