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49. Man does not weary of asking for good (things), but if ill touches him, he gives up all

hope (and) is lost in despair.

50. Wala-in athaqnahu rahmatan minna min baAAdi darraa massat-hu layaqoolanna

hatha lee wama a


unnu a


ssaAAata qa-imatan wala-in rujiAAtu ila rabbee inna lee

AAindahu lalhusna falanunabbi-anna allatheena kafaroo bima AAamiloo

walanutheeqannahum min AAathabin ghalee



50. When we give him a taste of some Mercy from Ourselves, after some adversity has

touched him, he is sure to say, "This is due to my (merit): I think not that the Hour (of

Judgment) will (ever) be established; but if I am brought back to my Lord, I have (much)

good (stored) in His sight!" But We will show the Unbelievers the truth of all that they

did, and We shall give them the taste of a severe Penalty.

51. Wa-itha anAAamna AAala al-insani aAArada wanaa bijanibihi wa-itha massahu



shsharru fathoo duAAa-in AAareed


51. When We bestow favours on man, he turns away, and gets himself remote on his side

(instead of coming to Us); and when evil seizes him, (he comes) full of prolonged prayer!