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6. And those who take as protectors others besides Him,- Allah doth watch over them;

and thou art not the disposer of their affairs.

7. Wakathalika awhayna ilayka qur-anan AAarabiyyan litunthira omma alqura waman

hawlaha watunthira yawma aljamAAi la rayba feehi fareequn fee aljannati wafareequn

fee a




7. Thus have We sent by inspiration to thee an Arabic Qur'an: that thou mayest warn the

Mother of Cities and all around her,- and warn (them) of the Day of Assembly, of which

there is no doubt: (when) some will be in the Garden, and some in the Blazing Fire.

8. Walaw shaa Allahu lajaAAalahum ommatan wahidatan walakin yudkhilu man yashao

fee rahmatihi wa



alimoona ma lahum min waliyyin wala naseer


8. If Allah had so willed, He could have made them a single people; but He admits whom

He will to His Mercy; and the Wrong-doers will have no protector nor helper.