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45. Watarahum yuAAradoona AAalayha khashiAAeena mina a


ththulli yan


uroona min

tarfin khafiyyin waqala allatheena amanoo inna alkhasireena allatheena khasiroo

anfusahum waahleehim yawma alqiyamati ala inna a



alimeena fee AAathabin



45. And thou wilt see them brought forward to the (Penalty), in a humble frame of mind

because of (their) disgrace, (and) looking with a stealthy glance. And the Believers will

say: "Those are indeed in loss, who have given to perdition their own selves and those

belonging to them on the Day of Judgment. Behold! Truly the Wrong-doers are in a

lasting Penalty!"

46. Wama kana lahum min awliyaa yansuroonahum min dooni Allahi waman yudlili

Allahu fama lahu min sabeel


46. And no protectors have they to help them, other than Allah. And for any whom Allah

leaves to stray, there is no way (to the Goal).