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10. Min wara-ihim jahannamu wala yughnee AAanhum ma kasaboo shay-an wala ma

ittakhathoo min dooni Allahi awliyaa walahum AAathabun AAa




10. In front of them is Hell: and of no profit to them is anything they may have earned,

nor any protectors they may have taken to themselves besides Allah. for them is a

tremendous Penalty.

11. Hatha hudan wa


llatheena kafaroo bi-ayati rabbihim lahum AAathabun min rijzin



11. This is (true) Guidance and for those who reject the Signs of their Lord, is a grievous

Penalty of abomination.

Section 2 (12-21)

12. Allahu allathee sakhkhara lakumu albahra litajriya alfulku feehi bi-amrihi

walitabtaghoo min fadlihi walaAAallakum tashkuroon


12. It is Allah Who has subjected the sea to you, that ships may sail through it by His

command, that ye may seek of his Bounty, and that ye may be grateful.